I Couldn’t Disagree More

Learning Objectives:

  • To help improve general communication skills
  • To help improve confidence
  • To encourage quick thinking skills
  • To encourage listening skills
  • To encourage & improve rebuttal skills


‘I Couldn’t Disagree More’ is a useful and quick game that can help students practice rebuttal techniques.

One student makes a statement (this statement could be serious, silly, topical, controversial or obvious). The next person has to reply to the statement by saying ‘I couldn’t disagree more’ and then give a reason why.

Here’s an example:

Student A – “I believe that politics is a waste of time.”

Student B – “I couldn’t disagree more. Politics is incredibly important as politicians make decisions that affect every aspect of our lives.”

Now it is Student B’s turn to make a statement:

Student B – “I believe that we should tolls roads in Adelaide.”

Student C – “I couldn’t disagree more. In early 2015, over 500,000 people signed a petition saying that they didn’t want it.”

As a classroom activity, this game can be modified so statements have to be about a certain topic area for example ‘The Environment’.