Training and Debating Services

Choose from one of the great programmes below or we can design a programme to meet your students’ specific needs.

Debating SA provides a number of debating services, including Debating Workshops, Coaching and Adjudicating, which are detailed below.

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Coaching for Teams

Cost: $60 per hour.

Number of Participants: Maximum of 6. An accompanying adult participant is recommended for younger participants.

Debating SA can provide coaches to assist students in preparation for a debate. Coaches have had experience either as debaters themselves and/or as adjudicators for our Schools’ Competition.

Coaching services are ideal for teams in the Schools’ Competition or teams preparing for a debate organised outside of Debating SA, such as an exchange debate between schools.

Adjudicators for School or Corporate Debates

Cost: $100 per hour

Debating SA can provide adjudicators for debates. Depending on the needs of the debate, our adjudicators can adjudicate the debate according to the traditional formalities of debating or according to the criteria specified by the client.

Adjudicators are available for school and corporate debates.

Beginner Prepare a Debate Seminar

Cost per school day: 1-15 students: $400, 16-30 students: $450.

Aimed at classes of Primary or Secondary School students, this workshop format aims to introduce students to the basic concepts of debating and guide them through the process of preparing a debate. Students will have the opportunity to present a debate at the conclusion of the workshop and receive feedback from our trainers.

Specific concepts covered include:

  • Rules of debating.
  • Layout of debate.
  • Definition and interpretation of the topic.
  • Argument, Presentation and Structure.
  • Preparation of arguments.
  • Grouping of arguments.
  • Roles of speakers.
  • Rebuttal.
  • Sportsmanship.
  • Debate and feedback.

Student learning outcomes:

          Development of critical and analytical thinking skills.

          Increased self-confidence in public speaking.

          A sense of understanding, tolerance and acceptance of different views on issues.

          A sense of responsibility to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

          The ability to respond appropriately to constructive feedback.

Voice and Presentation Seminar

Cost: $250 per 3-hour session.
Number of Participants: Minimum of 6; Maximum of 12.

This seminar aims to develop skills of voice and presentation in students. This seminar is based on Theatre Sports which has been developed especially for children. It is a highly engaging and fun seminar which encourages even the shyest of students.

Fallacies Seminar

90 to 100-minute class session. $150 per group. Maximum of 30 participants.

What are fallacies? How can they help students to develop better arguments and improve their rebuttal? Our team will explain fallacies and how they can be used as a tool for assessing the quality of arguments.

Evidence And Reasoning Seminar

90 to 100-minute class session. $150 per group. Maximum of 30 participants.

A key part of debating is providing evidence to support a case. This seminar will help students to ensure they use evidence correctly and effectively.

Rebuttal Seminar

90 to 100-minute class session. $150 per group. Maximum of 30 participants.

Highly recommended for all debaters, this seminar will take students through the most popular techniques of rebuttal and how to apply them in a debate situation.

Professional Learning for Teachers and Coaches

Teachers and coaches need training too. We provide a comprehensive range of training for teachers and team coaches.
All participants receive certificates indicating the relevant AITSL teacher standards the workshop covers.

Introduction to Coaching

Cost: $70 per person (minimum of 3 attendees) or by negotiation for smaller groups.

Aimed at new team coaches this workshop will focus on the following topics:

  1. Analysis of topics.
  2. Brainstorming and organising arguments.
  3. Use of evidence and statistics.
  4. Brief introduction to fallacies.
  5. Listening and responding: effective rebuttal techniques.

A certificate of attendance for 3 PL hours will be provided to all participants.

Want something else?

All workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of the participants according to their previous debating experience and the intended outcome of workshop participation.