Adjudicate with us

Adjudicating is a fulfilling experience where you can gain skills of leadership, decision-making, communication and conflict-resolution.

Benefits of adjudicating

1. Great for the resume: Adjudicating can count as volunteer service for programmes such the IB-CAS programme and school work experience. Adjudicating also provides experience and skills of thinking and speaking coherently; qualities that are greatly sought after by employers.

2. Complements debating skills: Peer Adjudicators (who adjudicate Primary School debates) are often debaters themselves and find that adjudicating helps them to improve their own debating skills.

3. Network with a great team of people: Our team is made up of professionals and university students who are great to be around.

What is involved?

Adjudicators act as the judges of debates, providing constructive feedback to debaters and awarding the debate.

Debates are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for divisions up to Year 9 and Wednesday evenings for the Year 10, Senior and Open divisions. There are five nights of debating which occur over two weeks, which constitutes one round. There are five rounds for divisions up to Year 10 and four rounds for the other divisions.

Adjudicators can elect the nights and rounds they wish to adjudicate. Each night begins at 6:40pm and concludes at approximately 9:30pm.

All adjudicators undergo training and are required to attend a yearly refresher course.

Requirements for prospective adjudicators

Prospective applicants must have strong English language skills. Prior debating experience is not required, but is an advantage.

Who can apply?

Students in Years 11 and 12 can apply to become Peer Adjudicators and will adjudicate Primary School debates.

Students of university age or older can elect to adjudicate Primary School or Secondary School debates, or both.

Applicants from the professional community and teachers are highly sought after.

To register your interest, please contact us indicating your name and postal address (so we can post materials to you).