Just a Minute

Learning Objectives

  • To help improve general communication skills
  • To encourage quick thinking skills
  • To encourage memory skills
  • To improve vocabulary and word usage
  • To encourage listening skills
  • To encourage peer assessment


  • Stopwatch or timing device
  • A bell


Decide a topic that students can speak on without needing to prepare for. This topic can either be set by the teacher or through discussion with the class.

When a topic has been decided, the teacher should ask for volunteers to speak. Explain that the minute begins as soon as the first speaker starts.

If the first speaker hesitates, repeats words or talks about something unrelated to the topic they can be challenged by one of the other students. To challenge, they should raise their hand and the speaker must stop as will the stopwatch.

The student who has raised their hand will be asked to explain their objection. If the challenge is agreed they then will take over from the speaker (or can nominate another speaker) and the stopwatch will start again. The student speaking when one minute is reached the winner!