2023 Award Presentations

On Thursday 2 November 2023 we were delighted to be hosted by Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC, Governor of South Australia and Debating SA Patron, and Mr Rob Bunten, at Government House, to celebrate the achievements of the 2023 Schools’ Competition winning and runner up teams, as well as the Debater of the Year Winners for 2023.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and fellow debaters,

The art of debating is a delicate form of communication, which underpins modern society and most forms of progress. The skills developed throughout this year, and by the many students here today, are fundamental in facilitating a world where conversation and civil discourse is not a battlefield, but rather a meeting place, allowing understanding, empathy, and common ground to be established. With these values, we can hope to achieve progress for all individuals, while recognising the diverse thoughts and individuality expressed in our society.

To be awarded Senior Debater of the Year is an honour, and I’d like to recognise the effort of every debater here today, and the commitment that they have put towards promoting and pursuing the principles of debating. I’d like to thank Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamsen and Mr Rod Bunten for hosting and recognising the fantastic work of our debating community. I’d like to extend that to the adjudicators, facilitators, and coaches who have worked tirelessly to allow us to continue practicing debating.

Since beginning in Year 7, Debating SA has provided me with a huge array of skills, opportunities, and experiences, that are instrumental to becoming an active and involved citizen. It is this dedication to creating and guiding the next generation of debaters, politicians, lawyers, and more, that emphasises the importance of civil debate, and its power to create change, inspire individuals, and direct us towards a brighter future. I look forward to seeing future generations of debaters gain the valuable experiences that I was able to create through Debating SA, and use these to empower not only their own, but our collective future.

Thank you.