2019 Debater of the Year Winners

It is our pleasure to announce the 2019 Debater of the Year winners. The Debater of the Year Awards recognise the best speakers in each division for the preliminary rounds.

Year 5: Cara Dalzotto (Mercedes College)
Year 6/7: Gina Barreto (St Thomas School)
Year 8: Emma Pool (St Peter’s Girls’ School)
Year 9: Ky Speedy (Pembroke School)
Year 10: Emil Smith (Pembroke School)
Senior: Jake Reedman (Pulteney Grammar School)

Congratulations to these students and their schools on
these wonderful achievements.

The full criteria for the awards can be found at www.debatingsa.com.au/schools-competition/standard-operating-procedures/#debater-of-the-year-awards