Tasting Australia: Word of Mouth Food Festival Debate

As part of the Tasting Australia Word of Mouth Food Festival Debating SA was invited to provide a team for a public debate on the topic “That the kitchen is the centre of the universe”.

The Affirmative Team was a trio of renowned chefs and food writers made up of broadcaster and writer Alan Saunders, journalist turned farmer Matthew Evans and Irish food and wine commentator Ernie Whalley.

The student team, taking the Negative side and representing Pembroke School and Debating SA was made up of: Niamh Lavender, Karyn Tee and Lachlan Tamlin. Other members of the team were Emily Filmer and Olivia Sallis. Collectively these students won the 2009 Year 9 Debating Championship and managed to ‘cook up a storm’.

After a light-hearted and extremely entertaining debate, the debate was declared a win for the student team by way of a ‘clapometer’.

Well done to the students for representing Pembroke School and Debating SA so well!

Matthew Evans, Ernie Whalley, Alan Saunders, Emily Filmer, Niamh Lavender, Karyn Tee, Lachlan Tamlin and Olivia Sallis.