James Squire Food, Beer and Wine Writer’s Festival Debate

As part of the James Squire Food, Beer and Wine Writers’ Festival which is part of the larger Tasting Australia festival we were invited to provide a team for a public debate on the topic “That cooking and writing about it will be irrelevant to the next generation”.

Representing Debating SA and Pembroke School was a team of Year 11 students who debated the Affirmative: Sam de Cure as “the entree” (First Speaker), James McCann – “the main course” (Second Speaker) and David Skene “the dessert” (Third Speaker). The team which has recently won the 2007 Schools’ Competition Open Division Grand Final was more than ready for a challenge – and what a challenge they were faced with!

The team’s opposition which debated the negative case consisted of a celebrity team including Kate McGhie (Author of Cook), Stephanie Alexander (Author of The Cook’s Companion) and Simon Marnie (ABC Sydney Radio Presenter).

The debate was chaired by food journalist and broadcaster Joanna Savill.

After a light-hearted and extremely entertaining debate, the debate was declared a draw by way of a ‘clapometer’.

Well done to David Skene, James McCann and Sam de Cure for representing Pembroke School and debating so well!

Kate McGhie, Stephanie Alexander, James McCann,
Sam de Cure, David Skene, Simon Marnie and Joanna Savill.