Gift Wrapping at Borders Book Store

Debating SA doesn’t shut down in the off-season. Our operations group continues to work and, as many of you noticed at Christmas, so do our volunteers. Every year in the mad rush that leads up to December 25th, our generous sponsors Borders allow a team of volunteers to man their in-store gift wrapping booth. A troupe of volunteers wraps presents for the hoards of last-minute shoppers in exchange for the chance to raise money for DSA.

We are very pleased to announce that Christmas 2003 saw our volunteers busier than ever and they raised over $500 worth of Borders vouchers. Thanks to all our volunteers for their wonderful work and thanks to those of you popped in to say ‘hi’, get a present wrapped or make a donation.

Sean was one of the volunteers who manned the gift wrapping booth and took the time to give us the inside scoop.

During the week leading up to Christmas, I participated in a fundraising event for Debating SA at Borders Bookstore in Rundle Mall. This occurred over three days, and entailed the gift wrapping of various books, media, and other products purchased at Borders. Especially as this was the time leading up to Christmas, Borders was particularly busy and a great number of books were therefore wrapped!

Successful in raising over $500, the event was a great deal of fun for all those involved. Fourteen people were scheduled over the three days, all of whom put a great deal of effort into the event. The money raised from the event will go towards the support services that Debating SA runs for disadvantaged schools and students in need of financial support. Debating SA has participated in gift wrapping at Borders Bookstore for the past two years, and we would like to thank all those who have supported us in our gift wrapping endeavours, as well as our sponsor Borders.

If you would like more information on becoming a Debating SA volunteer and participating in events such as this, please contact us.

– Sean Jolly