Code of Conduct

Debating SA believes firmly that each and every participant has the right to participate in a respectful, safe and supportive environment. Therefore, all persons involved in our programme, such as teachers, coaches, parents and other spectators, are required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  • All participants and spectators are expected to be courteous and respectful of one another at all times.
  • Where individual conflicts or differences may arise from time to time, Debating SA will make every reasonable effort to satisfactorily and mutually resolve the matter.
  • Where teams or individual persons have a grievance against another person or team of students, the matter should, in the first instance, be directed to the adjudicator or a Debating SA representative. Debating SA has the right to ask an individual to put their concerns in writing before considering any further action.

Members of the audience:

Use of Electronic and Other Devices

TURN OFF MOBILE PHONES OR OTHER DEVICES SUCH AS ELECTRONIC GAMES. Spectators are asked to behave in a way that is respectful to debaters and models best conduct. The use of electronic devices such as mobile phones or games, or other (non-electronic) items which could potentially cause audible and/or visual distraction to speakers, are not permitted during a debate.

Talking During a Debate

DO NOT SPEAK DURING THE DEBATE. Spectators should refrain from talking (or whispering) while a debate is in session. They must not make any gestures, or noises or otherwise engage in any conduct which could potentially distract a speaker or others. Younger children who wish to attend must also adhere to this requirement otherwise, they should not attend a debate. It may not always be practicable or appropriate for very young children to attend.

Entering/Exiting a Debating Room

DO NOT ENTER THE ROOM WHILE A DEBATER IS SPEAKING. Spectators should only enter or exit a debating room during the short break between speakers if a debate is in session. Entering/exiting audience members should move discreetly and quietly so that the debaters and the adjudicator can focus on their respective tasks without interruption

Filming of Debates

NO VIDEO RECORDING OR PHOTOS of any proceedings in any debate is permitted except with the express and prior consent of all the individual participants involved and of Debating SA

If an adjudicator believes that an audience member’s behaviour is unacceptable, the adjudicator may ask the audience member to leave.

Persistent breaches of these expectations may result in particular individuals being excluded from attending future Debating SA events.