2019 Season Results

The 2019 Grand Finals were held at Parliament House on Saturday 21 September 2019. This was a wonderful event that showcased and celebrated the talents of the top South Australian debating teams.

Year 6/7 Division Grand Final

Winner: Burnside Primary School Green 6/7

Coach: Mrs Sarah Walters
Angelina Hii, Emily Chung, Amelia Boulden and Sophie Edwardes

Runner Up: Westminster School Blue 6/7

Coach: Ms Sonja Lowen and Mrs Vani Zeitouneh
Suhavi Sethi, Rhea Nilasha Dinesh, Diya Patel, Yajat Singh and Sara Zeitouneh

Year 8 Division Grand Final

Winner: Glenunga International High School Orange 8

Coach: Mr Simon Turk
Isaac Jacobs, Isha Jain, Sienna Masen, Mark Jiang and Parampreet Kaur

Runner Up: St Dominic’s Priory College Black 8

Coaches: Mrs Sandra Mason and Ms Kirsten Maycock
Thinesa Jayalath, Georgina Salandra, Halena Nguyen, Sarah O’Callaghan, Anya Arikepudi, Anushree Vora and Madeleine Dungey

Year 9 Division Grand Final

Winner: Westminster School Blue 9

Coaches: Ms Andrea Sherwood and Mrs Julia Chukwuani
Emma Deering, Veda Muthineni, Mattias McCarthy and Todd Fogarty

Runner Up: Pembroke School Green 9

Coach: Ms Christabel Tinsley
Ellen Zhe, Yilin Gao, Cindy Shi, Charlotte Souter and Alexandra Le

Year 10 Division Grand Final

Winner: Pembroke School Blue 10

Coach: Ms Gabi Walldorf-Davis
Romany Hill-Thomson, Marwan Salih, Jasper Dew, Dylan Worswick and Thomas Tam

Runner Up: Glenunga International High School Blue 10

Coach: Miss Laura Betteridge
Cruz Choe, Lauren Plant, Ishaan Oak, Hanson Wang and Jennifer Ly

Senior Division Grand Final

Winner: Rostrevor College Red S

Coaches: Mr Tom Hodkinson and Mrs Kerry Hodkinson
Garang Kuach, Christy Saji and Liam D’Silva

Runner Up: St Peter’s Girls’ School Blue S

Coach: Ms Colette Merckel
Aditi Tamhankar, Matilda Braithwaite, Stella Clark, Emily Downie and Zara Stefani

Debater of the Year Winners

Year 5

Cara Dalzotto
Mercedes College

Year 6/7

Gina Barreto
St Thomas School

Year 8

Emma Pool
St Peter’s Girls’ School

Year 9

Ky Speedy
Pembroke School

Year 10

Emil Smith
Pembroke School


Jake Reedman
Pulteney Grammar School

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