2015 Season Results

Year 8 Division Grand Final

Winner: Pembroke School Purple

Annika Turon-Semmens, Emma Tam, Charlie Abbott, Andy Xing, Caitlin Leng, Andrew Thomas and Luka I’Dell.
Coach: Mrs J Rowe.

Year 8 winning team from Pembroke School.

Runner Up: Prince Alfred College Green

Sparsh Tiwari, Seran Perera, Yash Giri and Elias Raptis.
Coach: Ms S Caudal.

Year 9 Division Grand Final

Winner: Pembroke School Blue

Zoe Tan, Eleanor MacLaren, Alice McKay, Sarah Lim and Michelle Lutz.
Coaches: Ms A Stratford and Mrs J Matheson.

Year 9 winning team from Pembroke School.

Runner Up: Rostrevor College Red

Patrick Moller, Luke Valente, Cyril Saji and Patrick Russo.
Coaches: Mr T Hodkinson and Miss K Alves.

Year 10 Division Grand Final

Winner: Aberfoyle Park High School Yellow

Emma Barclay-Tininckzy, Alexandra Herden, Ruby Katana, William Roe-Smith, Mansa Sukheja and Ellyane Wall.
Coach: Mrs V Farrall.

Year 10 winning team from Aberfoyle Park High School.

Runner Up: Pembroke School Blue

Oscar Mortier-Spole, Hamish Walker, Daniel Gage Brown, Millie Wheaton, Nate Camatta, Samuel Stratton-Smith, Robert Allison and Aryaan Pala.
Coach: Mr T Houey.

Senior Division Grand Final

Winner: Unley High School Blue

Jack Cheshire, Alastair Correll, Nicholas Endenburg and Isaac Thiele-Swift.
Coach: Dr G Swift.

Senior winners from Unley High School.

Runner Up: Pembroke School Blue

Julia Cretan, Matilda Hatcher, Yingtong Li, Isabel Ng and Shien Wenn Sam.
Coach: Ms B Reid.

Open Division Grand Final

Winner: Trinity College Red

Alexandra Ward, Nathalie Johnstone, Trinh Vo and Katelyn Weller.
Coaches: Mrs K Ward and Mr S Snaith.

Open winners from Trinity College.

Runner Up: Pulteney Grammar School Blue

Henry Saxon, Lukas Price, Matthew Hume, Ned Feary and Alice Ascari.
Coach: Ms J Doumanis.

Debater of the Year Winners

Year 5: Jennifer Ly of Parkside Primary School.
Year 6/7: Edmund Black of Prince Alfred College.
Year 8: Ned Wheaton of Pembroke School.
Year 9: Jonathan Parsalidis of Glenunga International High School.
Year 10: Daniel Gage Brown of Pembroke School.
Senior: Nicola Rupp of Cardijn College.
Open: Alexandra Ward of Trinity College.

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