2012 Season Results

Year 8 Division Grand Final

Winner: Prince Alfred College Blue

H. Lock, A. Towie, C. O’Leary and E. Han.
Coach: Ms S. Caudal.

Runner Up: Glenunga International High School Yellow

H. Nalaye, B. Connell, L. Sweeney, E. Webb and E. Allen.
Coach: Miss J. Walker.

Year 9 Division Grand Final

Winner: Pulteney Grammar School Blue

W. Dieperink, C. Heath, L. Radford, J. Boscaini, D. Buckland, N. Feary and H. Saxon.
Coach: Ms J. Doumanis.

Runner Up: Aberfoyle Park High School Green

S. Hoffman, R. Ramadass and M. Ford.
Coach: Mrs V. Farrall.

Year 10 Division Grand Final

Winner: Glenunga International High School White

A. Knopoff, J. Loh, M. Sadler and L. Jayasuriya.
Coach: Mrs J. Parsons.

Runner Up: Marryatville High School Blue

H. Wilson, J. Premrl and Y. Kong-Lim.
Coach: Mr C. Eldridge.

Senior Division Grand Final

Winner: Pulteney Grammar School Blue

L. McAurthur, P. Livesey, V. Athreya, J. Pham and J. Huynh.
Coach: Miss E. Guilfoyle.

Runner Up: Glenunga International High School Maroon

G. Kaplun, E. Phiddian and K. Beveridge.
Coach: Mr T. Thomas.

Open Division Grand Final

Winner: Sacred Heart College Senior Red

L. Mc Donald-Stuart, S. Cilento, R. Calaby, J. Taylor-Wilson, D. Nolan, S. Burston and O. Russell-von Bujdoss.
Coach: Ms V. von Bujdoss.

Runner Up: Pembroke School Blue

A. Narayan, I. Rositano, A. Savory and L. Tamlin.
Coach: Ms B. Reid.

Debater of the Year Winners

Primary B: Miles Reschke of Black Forest Primary School.
Primary A: Jonathan Chapman of Westminster School.
Year 8: Georgina Trotta of Unley High School.
Year 9: Cassie Bowie of Glenunga International High School.
Year 10: Hamish Richardson of Christian Brothers College.
Senior: Lachlan Tamlin of Pembroke School.
Open: James Biddle of St John’s Grammar School.

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