2010 Season Results

Year 8 Division Grand Final

Winner: Glenunga International High School Red

N. Gawen, J. Loh, M. Sadler, M. Tran and L. Jayasuriya.
Coach: Ms J. Parsons.

Runner Up: Glenunga International High School Yellow

R. Diaz, A. Knopoff, S. Wong, V. Tran and J. Walker.
Coach: Ms E. Basuki.

Year 9 Division Grand Final

Winner: St John’s Grammar School Maroon

J. Biddle, A. Eagles, R. Harrison and L. McGeagh.
Coach: Mrs A. Isherwood.

Runner Up: Pulteney Grammar School Black

J. Huynh, J. Pham and A. Nalaye.
Coach: Mrs S. Heeron.

Year 10 Division Grand Final

Winner: Pembroke School Blue

A. Savory, I. Rositano, L. Tamlin and A. Narayan.
Coach: Mr K. Lindner.

Runner Up: Westminster School Red

M. Cropley, K. Bhoola, M. Myers and L. Sveinsson.
Coach: Ms H. Quinn.

Senior Division Grand Final

Winner: Scotch College Yellow

S. Schultz, M. Brenner, E. Hart and H. Boles.
Coach: Mr J. Clark.

Runner Up: Australian Science & Mathematics School Green

M. Wyra, J. Gascoigne, J. Jankowski and C. Palmer.
Coach: Mr T. O’Reilly.

Open Division Grand Final

Winner: Pembroke School Yellow

F. Andrews, K. Lindner, E. McBean and N. Lin.
Coach: Ms B. Reid.

Runner Up: Pedare Christian College Orange

S. Edakkadan, B. Archer, L. McCarron and M. Tilly.
Coach: Mrs S. Tilly.

Debater of the Year Winners

Primary B: Eric Symons of Grange Schools.
Primary A: Aime Guerin of Pembroke School.
Year 8: Matthew van der Sommen of Pulteney Grammar School.
Year 9: Samuel Davis of Adelaide High School.
Year 10: Alexander Savory of Pembroke School.
Senior: Jane Collinson of Pembroke School.
Open: Madeleine Kelly of St Aloysius College.

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