2007 Season Results

Year 8 Division Grand Final

Winner: St John’s Grammar School Red

E. Nunn, P. Bowen, T. Hagias and M. Franzon.
Coach: Ms W. Edwards.

Runner Up: Aberfoyle Park High School Green

B. Tandon, S. Masters, M. Klinck and H. Braidwood.
Coach: Mr G. Trobbiani.

Year 9 Division Grand Final

Winner: Riverbank School Purple

A. Paine, O. Paine and C. Sowerbutts.
Coach: Ms O. Paine.

Runner Up: Brighton Secondary School Blue

M. Oprea, G. Coote, E. Braslavskiy, and B. Williams.
Coach: Ms D. Smith.

Year 10 Division Grand Final

Winner: Adelaide High School Yellow

B. Colmer, L. Wait, D. Conway, and M. Burke.
Coach: Ms L. Fenwick.

Runner Up: Westminster School Orange

M. Hayden, S. Dunn, S. Russell, and L. Xu.
Coach: Ms R. Goulding.

Senior Division Grand Final

Winner: Pulteney Grammar School Black

A. Panousakis, J. Cranwell, S. Horwood, J. McArthur, and M. Kneebone.
Coach: Ms E. Guilfoyle.

Runner Up: Riverbank School Green

C. Cromb, M. Lopresto, and D. Sowerbutts.
Coach: Ms C. Grant.

Open Division Grand Final

Winner: Pembroke School Green

S. de Cure, J. McCann and D. Skene.
Coach: Mr T. Houey.

Runner Up: Heathfield High School

H. Maciunas, V. Montandon, E. Demasi and J. Wood.
Coach: Ms M. Littler.

Debater of the Year Winners

Junior B: C. Blake of Stirling East Primary School.
Junior A: P. Hill of Forbes Primary School.
Year 8: A. Wishart of Unley High School.
Year 9: M. Hayden of Westminster School.
Year 10: L. Hatcher of Pembroke School.
Senior: E. Moulds of Trinity College.
Open: A. Maxwell-Clark of Pembroke School.

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