2006 Season Results

Year 8 Division Grand Final

Winner: Marymount College Green

J. Kittel, M. Banister, E. Mitchell, M. McGowan and J. Fox.
Coach: Mr G. Martin.

Runner Up: Pembroke School Blue

K. Selvanderan, W. Shimmield, and K. Connor.
Coach: Mr D. McCann.

Year 9 Division Grand Final

Winner: Immanuel College Yellow

C. McDonald, C. Allpress, B. Goss and E. Goodings.
Coach: Mr B. Trezona.

Runner Up: Marryatville High School Green

M. Wardleworth, P. Major and G. Cullity.
Coach: Ms L. Lynch.

Year 10 Division Grand Final

Winner: St John’s Grammar School Purple

P. Bowden, D. Edwards and S. Hollitt.
Coach: Ms J. Bartold.

Runner Up: Marryatville High School Red

J. Lodge, A. Mott-Lake, R. Mott-Lake and T. Hua.
Coach: Ms J. Henzell.

Senior A Division Grand Final

Winner: Unley High School Yellow

W. Jayasena, R. Steele, M. Arman and J. Thompson.
Coach: Ms S. Wendt.

Runner Up: Pembroke School Green

S. Collinson, R. Wang, R. Williams and L. Cohen.
Coach: Ms M. Davis.

Debater of the Year Winners

Junior B: J. Ellis of Grange Schools.
Junior A: M. Myers of Westminster School.
Year 8: L. McGlaughlin of Rostrevor College and K. Bowen of Cabra Dominican College.
Year 9: R. Strapps of Westminster School.
Year 10: A. Mott-Lake of Marryatville High School.
Senior: K. Bulling of Pedare Christian College.
Open: S. Tiggemann of Pembroke School.

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