2005 Season Results

Year 8 Division Grand Final

Winner: Immanuel College Green

C. Allpress, B. Goss, C. McDonald, S. Iliescu and M. Schubert.
Coach: Ms C. Calaby.

Runner Up: Adelaide High School Orange

S. Arnold, B. Colmer and D. Conway.
Coach: Ms L. Fenwick.

Year 9 Division Grand Final

Winner: St John’s Grammar School Purple

P. Bowden, D. Edwards and S. Hollitt.
Coach: Ms J Bartold.

Runner Up: Adelaide High School Yellow

L. Kiil, J. Cutting and E. Hirst-Johnson.
Coach: Ms L. Fenwick.

Year 10 Division Grand Final

Winner: Marryatville High School Yellow

J. Roder, J. Stamatakis, T. Major, and K. Schell.
Coaches: Ms J. Fletcher and Mr J. Tran.

Runner Up: St John’s Grammar School Red

C. Baker, K. Burford, J. Baker and F. Edwards.
Coach: Ms W. Edwards.

Senior A Division Grand Final

Winner: Pedare Christian College Yellow

J. Rule, A. Collins and T. Hawke.
Coach: Ms S. Tilly.

Runner Up: Pulteney Grammar School Green

V. Apsimon, J. Tillett, R. Adams, B. Grant, H. Irving and E. Gibson.
Coach: Ms E. Guilfoyle.

Debater of the Year Winners

Junior B: H. Hirst-Johnson of Goodwood Primary School.
Junior A: A. Meredith of Angle Vale Primary School.
Year 8: P. Major of Marryatville High School.
Year 9: S. Hollitt of St Johns Grammar School.
Year 10: R. Hechter of King’s Baptist Grammar School.
Senior: G. Haines of Adelaide High School.
Open: Z. Keys of Mitcham Girls’ High School.