2003 Season Results

Year 8 Division Grand Final

Winner: St. George College Purple

A. Kosmadopoulos, G. Toyias, M. Dalas, M. Kyriarou, P. Mylidonis, T. Zissis and Z. Kosmadopolous.

Runner Up: Marryatville High School Blue

A. Pirone, E. Waters, J. Stamatakis and K. Schell.

Year 9 Division Grand Final

Winner: Pembroke School Purple

A. Footer, A. Teo, D. Nedic and M. Jureidini.

Runner Up: Mitcham Girls’ High School Red

K. Turner, N. Hunter, S. Ali and Z. Keys.

Year 10 Division Grand Final

Winner: Glenunga International High School Yellow

C. Arblaster, S. Johnson, A. Kay-Oswald, C. MacLeod and I. Gebler-Hughes.

Runner Up: Unley High School Green

J. Rafalowicz, J. Arman, P. Pinapati and J. Meyer.

Senior B Division Grand Final

Winner: Rostrevor College Orange

A. Vial, A. Percible-Ferguson, D. Kradolfer, M. D’Angelika, O. Cavvoto and V. Tarzia.

Runner Up: Bethesda Christian College Red

A. Deptula, D. McCallum, H. Wheatcroft, J. Craddock and M. Mignone.

Senior A Division Grand Final

Winner: Unley High School Orange

A. Rafalowicz, M. Lannan, S. Wight and T. Cassar.

Runner Up: Glenunga International High School Purple

L. Miller, L. Harrison and N. Grealy.

Debater of the Year Winners

Junior B: D. Schell of East Adelaide Primary School.
Junior A: S. Akkach of Mitcham Primary School.
Year 8: M. White of William Light R-12 School.
Year 9: J. Morris of Pembroke School.
Year 10: J. Makepeace of St John’s Grammar School.
Senior: V. Tarzia of Rostrevor College.
Open: T. Brookman of Trinity College North School.

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