2002 Season Results

Year 8 Division Grand Final

Winner: Mitcham Girls’ High School Yellow

N. Button, K. Turner, Z. Keys, and J. Adamczyk.
Coach: Mr A. Nimmo.

Runner Up: Pembroke School Orange

A. Footer, B. Bennett, H. Bruer.
Coach: Ms B. Reid.

Year 9 Division Grand Final

Winner: King’s Baptist Grammar School Green

D. Jones, S. Parker and L. Carlino.
Coach: Ms J. Anderson.

Runner Up: Glenunga International High School Purple

S. Johnson, C. Arblaster, C. MacLeod, M. Gavanon.
Coach: Ms J. Humphries.

Year 10 Division Grand Final

Winner: Glenunga International High School Purple

L. Miller, R. Li, N. Grealy and R. Wiblin.
Coach: Ms J. Humphries.

Runner Up: Sacred Heart College Senior School Orange

M. Woodrup, R. Fleming, E. Dodson, K. Aston, A. Tonkin.
Coach: Mr M. Kulesza.

Senior B Division Grand Final

Winner: Sacred Heart College Senior School Yellow

D. De Silva, N. Maddern and S. Helbig.
Coach: Mr M. Kulesza.

Runner Up: Adelaide High School Orange

C. Zhon, L. Benham, C. Shephard and A. Schneider.
Coach: Ms C. Hilberdink.

Senior A Division Grand Final

Winner: Unley High School Orange

A. Rafalowicz, S. Martin, S. Wight and M. Lannan.
Coach: Ms S. Wendt.

Runner Up: Unley High School Blue

M. Adams, R. Meyer and S. Langsford.
Coach: Ms S. Wendt.

Debater of the Year Winners

Junior B: M. McDonagh of Grange Schools.
Junior A: L. Grealy of Torrensville Primary School.
Year 8: M. Jureidini of Pembroke School.
Year 9: A. Maxwell-Clark of Pembroke School and D. Jones of King’s Baptist Grammar School.
Year 10: E. Wake of Saint Ignatius’ College.
Senior: B. Wilson of Thomas More College.
Open: R. Meyer of Unley High School.

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