Adjudication Team

We love to foster a culture of participation and cooperation and our adjudicators help us in this endeavour. Our adjudicators are the volunteers that make a substantive yet often unrecognised contribution to the advancement of debating in South Australia.

Below are the Debating SA adjudicators.

Aafreen Khalid

Aafreen Khalid

Aafreen Khalid
Aditi Tamhankar

Aditi Tamhankar

Aditi Tamhankar
Alexandra Herden

Alexandra Herden

Alexandra Herden
Anastasia Martini

Anastasia Martini

Anastasia Martini
Anniepreet Tuteja

Anniepreet Tuteja

Anniepreet Tuteja
Stephanie Forde

Stephanie Forde

Stephanie Forde

My path to Debating SA was not the usual one. I did not debate in the high school program, although I did debate back in primary school. I spotted an ad calling for adjudicators in the Community CPS Credit Union newsletter (our then sponsor). That was back in 2006 and …

Senior Adjudicators Peer Adjudicators
Alicia Yan
Anthony Vawser
David Wilkins
David Morton
Gabriella Coote
Jenny Boroughs
Lachlan Hemsley
Lucas Hazel
Luke Barnett
Matthew Hume
Michele Southam
Parika Verma
Patrick Moritz
Riley Calaby
Sean Jolly
Sonja Lowen
Sophie Ladd
Stella Child
Stephanie Forde
Tony Houey
Alexander Makarowsky
Alice Smyth
Blake Wadlow
Carolyn Chhour
Carys Jones
Chelsea Herana
Christy Ma
Claire Hale
Daniel Deverson
Halima Nalaye
Henry Saxon
Hibra Shujaat
Jack Agnew
Jonathan Parsalidis
Lily Schubert
Markeeta Roe
Michelle Lutz
Mitchell Brunker
Morgayne Jones
Rohan Williams
Samantha Jolly
Samuel Messina
Sean Cullen-MacAskill
Stefan Court-Kowalski
Susan Cilento