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"Debating was really fun! We had a great experience and learned lots about debating. I have improved at speaking in front of people and at getting ideas onto my cards."
Liam (Year 7 student)
"I enjoyed debating immensely and enjoyed improvising."
Hamish (Year 7 student)
"The seminar was fun, helpful and taught us a lot about debating."
Mitch (Year 5 student)
"I really enjoy debating and I am very happy about this coaching day. I feel more confident."
Sophie (Year 5 student)
"I learned new things and new words and I love debating. I want our team to stay undefeated and this will help us a lot."
Kirsty (Year 5 student)
"Today's seminar was very positive. I came with no knowledge but now feel comfortable to taking debating on."
Teacher at Trinity College
"Clear, concise information. Organised presentation, good overview, lots of chance to try out new knowledge."
Teacher at Prince Alfred College
"It was heaps of fun learning how to debate."
Damien (Year 5 student)
"Today's seminar was very interesting and very fun. I think all of our class loved it."
Brielle (Year 5 student)
"Interesting and very informative seminar of the fallacies that may be encountered."
Parent at Christian Brothers College
"Today's seminar was fantastic because I learnt so much about fallacies and I thought the way it was taught was really good. I enjoyed the discussions."
Maria (Year 8 student)
"Rubric for marking is very useful. Good examples and handouts. Explanations were clear. Covered a lot of information in a short space of time. Very knowledgable presenters."
Teacher at Adelaide High School
"I loved the lollies. You explained it really well. You gave us courage and that was great. Now I have a greater understanding of debating."
Macey (Year 4 student)
"Informed presenters. Well organised. Useful handout material."
Teacher at Glenunga International High School
"Clearly explains fallacies and how to pick up on them in a debate."
Naish (Year 10 student)
"It was very beneficial and educational. A lot was learnt."
Minh-Luan (Year 10 student)
"Very helpful and useful for writing arguments and rebuttal. Can be used in other areas besides debating."
Sherilyn (Year 11 student)
"This seminar was very educational and interesting and I am sure I will find the things I learnt useful when debating."
Joe Yoon (Year 8 student)
"A highly informative session involving fallacies and how to build them into your debate."
Jack (Year 8 student)
"Absolutely fantastic seminar which helped to assist our kids to be critical of their own reasoning and thinking. As a parent it is a great way to start talking about debating, arguments and flaws in argument."
Parent at Christian Brothers College
"It was an excellent session on fallacies. Great videos, easy to understand and great examples too."
Jeet (Year 9 student)

Debating SA provides a number of debating services, including Debating Workshops, Coaching and Adjudicating, which are detailed below.

Please contact us if you would like more information.


Cost: $50 per hour.
Number of Participants: Maximum of 6. An accompanying adult participant is recommended for younger participants.

Debating SA can provide coaches to assist students in preparation for a debate. Coaches have had experience either as debaters themselves and/or as adjudicators for our Schools' Competition.

Coaching services are ideal for teams in the Schools' Competition or teams preparing for a debate organised outside of Debating SA, such as an exchange debate between schools.

Adjudicators for School or Corporate Debates

Cost: $60 per hour

Debating SA can provide adjudicators for debates. Depending on the needs of the debate, our adjudicators can adjudicate the debate according to the traditional formalities of debating or according to the criteria specified by the client.

Adjudicators are available for school and corporate debates.

Debating Workshops for Students

1-15 students: $350 per school day (6 hours).
16-30 students: $400 per school day (6 hours).
30+ students: price by negotiation.

Debating workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the participants according to their previous debating experience and the intended outcome of workshop participation.

A very popular format of debating workshop is the Have a Go Workshops, described below.

Have a Go Workshops

Aimed at classes of Primary or Secondary School students, this workshop format aims to introduce students to the basic concepts of debating and guide them through the process of preparing a debate. Students have the opportunity to present a debate at the conclusion of the workshop and receive feedback from our trainers.

Have a Go Workshops are only offered as a 1-day workshop.

Coaching Seminar for Teachers

Cost: $50 per staff member.

This seminar is designed for coaches and teachers of the Schools' Competition. The typical programme format is:

1. Analysis of topics.
2. Brainstorming and organising arguments.
3. Use of evidence and statistics.
4. Brief introduction to fallacies.
5. Listening and responding: effective rebuttal techniques.

however we can tailor the seminar to meet the needs of the hiring school.

Australian Curriculum Seminar for Teachers: Debating in the Classroom

Cost: Please contact us for price.

This 4 hour seminar is aimed to equip teachers with the skills to deliver debating as a unit in their classrooms. This seminar has a particular focus on best pedagogical practices for teaching debating.

Participants will gain access to exclusive materials and resources to assist them in coaching and adjudicating their class teams. These resources have been designed to fit the guidelines of the Australian Curriculum: English.

We can tailor the seminar to meet the needs of the hiring school.

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