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Below are links to resources written by our team to assist debaters in preparing for a debate.


Debating SA Lapel Pin

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Lapel Pin
The Official Debating Manual (contents page only)

The Official Debating Manual provides comprehensive and detailed guidance about the rules and technique of debating.

Copies can be purchased for $15 at debating events, or a copy can be posted to you for $17. Please complete an order form to place an order or click below to order online.

The Official Debating Manual
[28KB, PDF]

Year 5 Demonstration Debate

This is an example of a debate by Year 5 students on the topic "That teachers should give lollies to students as a reward." With sincere thanks to the Year 5 students at Grange Primary School, Adelaide and Mr Tony Houey (Chair of the Board of Debating SA) for their willingness to take part in this debate.

Primary Demonstration Debate

Year 6/7 Demonstration Debate

This is a demonstration debate on the topic "That Father Christmas has a harder job than the Easter Bunny." Special thanks to the students at Rostrevor College and Mercedes College for their time in helping to produce this debate.

Primary Demonstration Debate

Primary School Exemplar Speeches

A short series of videos that demonstrate the various roles of each of the three speakers on a debating team. With thanks to the students at Pulteney Grammar School.

First speaker exemplar

Second speaker exemplar

Third speaker exemplar

Primary Demonstration Debate
Debating: A Brief Introduction for Beginners Debating: An Introduction for Beginners
[230KB, PDF]

Adjudication Rubric

This rubric is used by adjudicators to assess speeches during the debate.

Important: This document is provided solely for the use of Debating SA participants and must not be used or otherwise copied without express and prior written consent.

Overview of Speaker Jobs
[25KB, PDF]

Overview of Speaker Jobs

This document outlines the jobs of each of the six speakers in a debate.

Overview of Speaker Jobs
[34KB, PDF]

Speech Structure Fact Sheet

Speech Structure Templates

We have created some templates that debaters can use to prepare their speeches.

Speech Structure Templates
[119KB, PDF]

Debating Word Definition Sheet

A worksheet exercise to help students become familiar with debating terminology. Answers included.

Debating Word Definition Sheet
[30KB, PDF]

Argument Template for Primary School students

These sheets will help speakers to ensure that they have reasons to support their arguments. It also outlines a basic structure for the argument component of a speech.

Argument Template for Primary School students
[42KB, DOC]

Dos and Don'ts Checklist for Debating

A helpful guide of what to do and not do in a debate.

Dos and Don'ts Checklist for Debating
[108KB, PDF]

Sample debating topics

Sample Prepared Debate Topics

Sample Topics
[66KB, PDF]

Sample Quodlibetical Debate Topic

Sample Quodlibetical
[30KB, PDF]

Chairman and Timekeeper Form

Chairman and Timekeeper Form

This sheet is used by the Chairman to introduce the debate and each of the speakers. The timekeeper records the length of each speech. This is then handed to the adjudicator at the end of the debate.

Interesting fact : The 'man' in chairman has nothing to do with gender. The term man is derived from the Latin word manus meaning hand. Other English words that have this derivation include 'manual'.

Chairman and Timekeeper Sheet
[21KB, PDF]

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